Friday, October 31, 2014

Almost 30...

Time. Time goes by faster than you think. In your youth, time seems almost invincible. You don’t think about it, you don't really care about it- it doesn’t apply to you. You have all the time in the world. Really, what is time anyway?

I am just two days away from turning 27. Time started to slowly creep into my thoughts a couple of months before 25 came- and has been rolling in big ever since.

I thought I might encourage all of the 20 year olds by writing this entry…

One of my mentors, Rita Springer, has told me for a long time- “In your twenties is when you really start to develop who you are and what you believe. When you turn thirty is when you really start walking in it.”

I believe that in your twenties, you have permission to be a little selfish… You get to decide who you are, focus on yourself and make decisions depending on YOU more than any other time in your life.

Give yourself grace to make mistakes. You will learn that way. Don’t be hard and harsh with yourself. You won’t get everything right- but hey, if you step out in something and it fails- that is a life experience and may help you understand what you do or don’t want to do.

Take time and work hard on developing your perspective of who God is. Don’t let anyone else decipher or final who He is for you.

Keep going and moving forward as long as there’s not a red light… Don’t wait for Him to come out of the sky or for an angel to knock on your front door and tell you exactly it is what you should do. The relational part of God is getting to see you walk in what you love and decide… He isn’t going to trap you into one form of something. That is not the God I know. Just keep moving forward until you hear no. Don’t sit somewhere and wait and blame Him for being stuck.

Don’t let disappointment hinder your advancement and dreams. In your twenties- dreams can become dull or can seem impossible and out of reach. The realities of the world we live in are everywhere. DO NOT let that discourage your dreams or who God says that you are… We are not of this world. Keep your dreams out of the muck. Place them before your eyes every day and go after them…

Run hard after what’s in your heart. Don’t let the world you live in leave you jaded and separated from the things inside of you that make you come alive. Keep going after your perspective that God is good… and don’t let any circumstance- or person tell you otherwise. Love furiously. Live out of joy. Pursue Wisdom. Do something. Be who YOU want to be- not who anyone else tells you to be.

And don’t ignore the thoughts of time. In the long run, we aren’t here that long… Do something great.

These are things I’m thinking about while I have 3 years left to thirty. I’m going to live them well. Because when I am thirty- I want to walk in and own even more- who I am and what I believe.



  1. i love you camicha :) you live a beautiful life and the adventure and discovery has only just begun!

  2. Beautiful post dear! Love your wisdom