Thursday, May 5, 2011

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

We just finished another Leaders Advance this week. This is my most favorite event that we have at Bethel. We get to have two a year- and I love that. Leaders from all over the world come in to connect and gather together for worship and wisdom. It is really special to me to be able to see people again that I’ve connected with from all over the world. It is family time. It fills me up!

The other day, I was running on the river trail and this little pheasant hopped out in front of me and started to run. It was the funniest view I have ever seen. The little guy couldn’t make up his mind…. He looked panicked and unsure of where he should go—to the right? No, wait- to the left!! And on and on… He was frightened and looked so silly. I laughed to myself and then heard the Lord say… “That’s what you look like when you are afraid of your future.” Wow.

I began thinking about how true that is. When I am panicked and out of peace, I make decisions that are not right. When I am out of trust and afraid and let my mind run away with me—I feel like I am running to the right and to the left and in reverse and I am afraid to go boldly and confidently in the direction that He’s called me to go.

We have to begin to really trust that He knows what He is doing. When we walk in peace and trust in the Father, nothing can stop us. Fear is such a tactic that the enemy uses to stop you on your yellow-bricked road. Rest assured that when things pop up to stop you in your tracks, you are most likely going in the right direction… If things were easy in that time, I would be more concerned that I was going the wrong way.

On my run, that day, I noticed so many butterflies flying around… They remind me of the hope and promise that are there for me along the way. As long as I can see them, I know I am okay. I make an effort to recognize them and breathe in what they create. May you begin to do the same…. Just follow the yellow-brick road with trust and confidence and may hope and promise kiss you along the way.