Tuesday, April 5, 2011


“When did the choices get so hard? With so much more at stake. Life gets mighty precious when there’s less of it to waste. “ ~Bonnie Raitt

I felt the season of spring for the first time this morning. It was actually walking around in the airport in Harrisburg. The light outside just felt different than usual… and I began flashing back to memories of Easter Sunday when I was a little girl. Wearing those matching ruffle dresses with my sisters- with the giant bows that overtook the top of our heads… Lining up on the porch to take Easter pictures. For some reason I had to make some awful face… Never a normal smile. And then there was church and the Amarillo Club for lunch afterwards- with MamaLiz and Biggie with an Easter egg hunt and always a Cadbury egg. Oh to go back to those days of innocence… No decisions to make- everything was made for you. Part of that was frustrating and now I think it would be nice. Ha! Typical, I guess. Now, some years later, I can never relive those memories. It’s so interesting how I didn’t even think about that then- that these moments are not forever’s.

Moments really are precious. I was just at a women’s conference in Harrisburg where Anne Stock showed an amazing video. One of the phrases in it was something like “Ohh if I could learn to be fully awake in every moment.” I love that.

This year has felt like one of the most challenging years for me. I feel like I am being stretched like a frog. Just when I figure something out from some decision I have to make and learn from… in that time of resting and getting myself back together- something else comes up. And they don’t feel like little things- they feel like HUGE life altering lessons where I have to be an adult and figure things out of my own. And they aren’t horrible traumatic events- just times that I have to decide what I’m going to believe and make a choice on it.

I’m not going to lie- sometimes running away sounds really appealing and seems like it would perfectly solve how I feel. But I know it wouldn’t- really. And somehow I know that this season of life is monumental for the life I am made to live. So I must get through it with a smile on my face. And trust me, I will. I have not come this far to not keep going and learning and living. It would be easier to see the conclusion- but I guess that would lose the adventure of it all. Life is all about perspective. How are you viewing this season of your life? I am taking mine by the horns and I am going to get all that I can out of it… So I don’t have to go around the circle again.

Be brave. Be bold. Conquer your season with fearlessness. Live your season with trust.


  1. this was phenomenal girl. I will press in and press on to going through this season as well. You are such a beautiful person Camille inside and out and this blog gives me one more reason to love you!!!!!!!!